Calling all Supercomputing talents around the world!

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Graduate students and Postdocs wanted in Supercomputing for European Commission-funded projects worth +2M EUR with Prof. Didem Unat.

Visit to find out how to join Assoc. Prof. Didem Unat at Koç University’s Computer Engineering Department in Istanbul to help deliver new European Commission-fully-funded projects as a Master, PhD, or Postdoc team member.

Research at ParCoreLab – Parallel and Multicore Computing Laboratory

ParCoreLab research interests revolve around the central topic of parallel and multicore computing on the state-of-the-art parallel architectures with three sub-branches:

1. Parallel System Software: We design and develop parallel languages, libraries, and frameworks supported by compiler and runtime system research to address programming challenges on emerging architectures including multicore CPUs, GPUs, IPUs, and other hardware accelerators as well as Quantum Annelears.

2. Performance Models and Tools: We develop performance models, system tools, and prediction frameworks to guide application tuning and optimization on parallel architectures.

3. Scalable AI, ML, and HPC Applications: We optimize and scale applications on cutting-edge parallel architectures by devising novel program optimization techniques. Application tuning may require multi-disciplinary research to iteratively co-design all aspects of a software. Some of the attractive application areas include autonomous driving, reservoir simulation, and cardiac modeling.

If these sound exciting to you, come and join ParCoreLab to push the frontiers of parallel computing research!

30 May 2022