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MAComparative Studies in History and Society - Thesis

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Comparative Studies in History and Society (CSHS) combines the strengths of the sociology and history departments of Koç University in an interdisciplinary Master of Arts (M.A.) program. The program, which serves a growing need in Turkey for interdisciplinary graduate programs in the social sciences, offers a theoretically-driven, historically-informed, and empirically-rigorous graduate education.

Program Outcomes:

• To be able to conduct original research with an interdisciplinary approach

• To analyze and compare events in the history of the world and Turkey

• To apply comparative research methods in history and sociology

• To be able to develop comparative methods on individuals, society, institutions, and the environment.

• To have the necessary theoretical and empirical skills to analyze social and historical changes in the local, national, regional, and global context.

• To be able to realize the reconstruction of history through modern methods

Programme structure

The CSHS M.A. program offers two possible tracks for students. The first one is the thesis-track option which requires students to take courses in the first year and conduct their research and complete a thesis in the second year. The second one is the non-thesis track option, which requires 10 courses and a research project. In both tracks, the students identify specific faculty whom they wish to collaborate with on mutually upon research projects. Mirroring the methodological diversity of its faculty, students have utilized a wide range of historical and sociological methods, including case-study and comparative-historical approaches, quantitative survey methods, ethnography, archival research, content analysis, and a variety of mixed methods approaches.

Career opportunities

The program will help serve the career needs of students in two ways. First, the program will prepare students who wish to continue on to Ph.D. programs in Turkey, Europe, and North America. Second, it will train students who are interested in research and policy-related positions in governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations in Turkey.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment