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MScCellular and Molecular Medicine - Thesis

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The “Cellular and Molecular Medicine Master’s with Thesis Program” which is conducted by Koç University Graduate School of Health Sciences is a preliminary preparation for the “Cellular and Molecular Medicine Doctorate Program” and contributes to the training of highly qualified manpower to increase our country’s knowledge-based competitiveness at the global level. This qualified manpower, serves the development of our country’s health service and industry, ensuring its continuity and universal solution of health problems. Scientists trained in this program will have the capacity to conduct laboratory research at the cellular and molecular level, which has a direct impact on understanding diseases, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.
The Cellular and Molecular Medicine program, which aims to keep the multidisciplinary working culture alive, creates a close cooperation environment by allowing the faculty members of the Faculty of Medicine, Engineering, and Science to work very closely together. The program in question evaluates this collaboration in the best way and enables students from both medical and biological sciences to catch up with equipment that can keep up with contemporary technological developments.

Koç University aims to develop innovative treatments that will affect the clinical practice of multidisciplinary research in the field of health and to make a difference in molecular and cellular medicine by maximizing the production of state-of-the-art medical devices and drugs. It can be possible to understand the pathogenesis of many diseases at the cellular and molecular level, diagnose, treat, monitor and control, alleviate and prevent diseases. Moreover, it is possible to enlighten the genetic infrastructure of common diseases in our society and to develop personalized treatments with studies conducted in this field. Rapid advances in cellular and molecular biology have significantly influenced clinical medicine by providing information on the root causes of many diseases.

The CAMM program is offered in English and all research activities are conducted in English.

Programme structure

The MSc with Thesis is a full-time, course-based, 2-year graduate program.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment